Saturday, April 2, 2011

My letter to the Editor of People Magazine


Dear Editor,

I am contacting you to ask you to please consider featuring one or more Missing child or adult in each of your issues.

People Magazine is in a wonderful and prime position to help thousands of Missing individuals. I hope that you can realize just how much you could help.

For every person who contacts you, there are thousands that are represented that could benefit from your efforts.

"People helping People" would be such an amazing thing. Please consider this.

I speak with personal knowledge on this subject as I am the daughter of a missing person.

When someone vanishes or is abducted, this is something that never goes away. For the family and friends of the missing, it stays with them for the remainder of their life. It's pain does not go away. The 'not knowing' swirls the hearts of so many people, I don't believe anyone could even begin to put a valid count on it.

There are so many unsolved cases for missing, abducted, and murdered and they all deserve to be heard.

Their voice has been taken.

We must be their voice.

Thank you,

Misty Lynn Walker

Daughter of missing person, Debra Ann Wilhite

Author of "Little Misty: My Big Red Button (non-fiction)
This campaign to People Magazine was introduced to me by Drew Kesse, father of Jennifer Kesse, who was abducted from Orlando, FL in January 2006.
Below is a link to the campaign/event that was created on facebook by "Help Find Emillie Hoyt." It includes additional ways that you can contact People Magazine.  Please consider contacting them! It only takes a moment.

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