Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There really aren't alot of things I remember my teachers actually saying to us in high school, but here are two of the things that I still remember.

ONE: Mr. Wilgus saying "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance." Why in the heck I remember that, I haven't a clue. But, to this day, John and I will recite it to each other when we're trying to make a point about something every once in a while.

TWO: I actually don't recall which teacher told us this, but I remember the story... He talked about him having to write an essay when he was in school about something that the teacher wrote on the board and all the teacher wrote was the word "Why?". His fellow classmates sat down and began writing pages and pages, but one student stood up and turned in his paper right away. On his paper he had written only these two words... "Why not?"

This is one of the reasons I wrote this book, but it wasn't the only reason.

No one that I have ever met has had a past history anything like mine, but when you single out all of the' individual' things that I wrote about in the book, the possibilities of how many people can relate to it and how many people it might touch really could reach a very high number. In retrospect, if just one or two people read it and get some sort of inspiration, revelation, or comfort from it, that to me is an awesome gift that I was able to share with someone and makes it all worth it, regardless.

Individuals who may relate or may take something from it:
-Parents who lost a young child to an illness who also have other young children
-Those who lost a sibling when they were a child
-Someone struggling with their faith in God
-Individuals dealing with clinical depression
-Someone who was raised by a grandparent
-Family or friend of a missing person
-Individuals who lost one or both parents at a very young age
-Those in a dismal financial situation
-People struggling with survivor's guilt

These are just some of the things that I wrote about, all from personal experience. Though I do not fit into the first category of "parents who lost a young child to an illness who also have other young children," I wrote about my experiences as the "other young children" and believe reading my writings about these experiences, what my perception of things were during my sister's illness and death and thereafter, and what my thoughts were at such a young age, may be very beneficial to these parents.

Though I was apprehensive about putting it out there in plain view of all the world to see, I sucked it up and wrote about my personal experiences with clinical depression and an attempted suicide. Yes, I said it. And you know what... I am certainly not the only one in the world who has been in this deep dark place. But, I know that there are many who 'feel' like they are alone. I hope they will be able to read my book and see what things I went through and see that I made it through and that they can, too. This is an illness like any other and it can be overcome.

"Little Misty" isn't little anymore.... I am not afraid and will shout it from the roof tops if it helps another.

Why write this? ...there ya go.