Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm back!

I have realized I have not posted a new blog since 2011! What is up with that? I guess I have been busy simply living life and haven't felt the urge to write much about anything. I did write some articles for Hitched magazine, but that was just a handful. And then the urge to write was gone.

I think I'd also lost the urge to write when the computer we had back then crashed and I lost everything I'd been working on. It was very discouraging and just very saddening, really. The articles I wrote for Hitched I actually wrote on my iPhone.

Oh the beloved iPhone! I have never really picked out my own cell phone. I've never been one to lust after the newest and latest technology, but when I got John's hand-me-down iPhone a couple years ago I grew to love it and to need it. I love my iPhone. It houses all of my STUFF.

A lot has happened since 2011.

I don't even know where to begin. So, I will leave this first new blog with a big HELLO! And a "See you again very soon!"


P.S. Look me up if you are on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest- my username is EmmelleW  (there is a story behind that name. I'll save it for a future blog.) ;)

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